Gents Things started out as a blog about all things gent.

As things evolved my own obsession with vintage watches started to take over my topics of discussion. As a consequence, I started to receive more and more messages from individuals wishing to buy the watches I was writing about, and so I launched the Gents Things store.

To begin with the store only sold vintage timepieces. We have now added a selection of new watches which are hard to find/impossible to get hold of elsewhere.

We now stock a small selection of vintage Swiss Tropic watch straps. As we begin to fully evolve as a business we will continue to add a much wider range of general gents things. A particularly nice tie or a rather unique set of cufflinks.

The store will not stock the usual brands but a selection of more interesting items we secure along the way. 

A bit about me

I'm from a marketing background and was once responsible for dressing half of Hoxton (I launched a very successful American brand into Europe roughly 10 years ago).

You can keep up to date with my general musings, rants and raves by reading the Gents Things blog and by following Gents Things on Twitter.

If you have a question or just wish to say hello please do so here.